Librator provides two command line tools the first will create an empty card file.:

libratorcard mycard.crd

The filename of a .crd file doesn’t really matter however the next utility will name card files after their code.


The librator command line tool needs a directory for the card files and a path for th library database.:

librator ./cards allcards.lbr

This will pack all the .crd files into the card library call allcards.lbr ready for later use via Librarian.

The same process can be reversed and the cards in a library database can be extracted to their own .crd files by providing the -u or --unpack switch at the command line like so.:

librator -u ./cards allcards.lbr

In unpacking the librator command will work fine for partial updates. However when packing a library only the cards in the specified card directory will be packaged.

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